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As the batter drips and rotates, it creates craggy ridges, like the bark of a tree. When the batter turns golden brown, another scoop of batter is heaped on top, and the spinning continues. After 15 to 20 repetitions, the accumulating layers have formed rings that are imperfectly round and alternate between pale yellow and a toasty brown. The cake gets a glaze of warm apricot jam to seal in the moisture and prevent it from drying out, and then sometimes a crackly shell of chocolate or vanilla icing.

The cake has been a staple of German weddings and Christmas celebrations since the s, but in the aftermath of World War I, baumkuchen found an unlikely second home when a German baker was interned in Japan and started to bake and sell cakes there. They were a runaway success, and today brands like Shimizu, Kihachi Sweets, and Muji manufacture baumkuchen in flavors like melon, mango, honey, matcha, and strawberry and ship them all over the world in individually wrapped slices. But since baking the German style of baumkuchen requires unwieldy, custom-built ovens, getting into the business is a bit of a risk and a bit of a statement.

Since the s, it has faded almost to a point of nonexistence, and so have old-school German bakeries around the country. Foodies from Taiwan and Hong Kong, too, can frequently be found peppering staff at Iwanaga Baijuken, a castella shop established in , with questions about ordering from overseas and whether the specialty eggs used in the sweet are for sale. Castella have even crossed over to neighboring countries. The cake is such a part of local food culture that when a Taiwanese friend received a Nagasaki-style castella a few months back as a gift she asked me to explain how it differed from the kind she had grown up eating.

I had to admit that I did not know for certain, but the addition of raw milk stood out when I perused the ingredients list of a Taiwanese castella she emailed me. Castella traditionally contain no dairy products or baking powder whatsoever. Older shops in Nagasaki continue to make the sweet by hand the old-fashioned way with just eggs, flour, starch syrup mizuame , and sugar.

To create the spongy texture, cooks whip the eggs, flour, and fine sugar into a frothy batter, then add mizuame to give the cake its delightful stickiness.

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A coating of coarse sugar is sprinkled in the bottom of the rectangular baking pan prior to pouring in the mixture, giving a pleasing crunchiness to the finished dish. Castella is not native to Japan, but has evolved over the centuries in accord with local tastes and can now safely be considered a Japanese sweet. Creative confectioners are constantly creating new varieties featuring exotic flavors like chocolate, honey, matcha , and strawberry.

Just the other day I even found a store in Nagasaki offering castella made with collagen powder aimed at beauty-conscious patrons. Nagasaki-style purists still insist, though, that a cake must be made in the tried-and-true fashion to be called a kasutera. While making their rounds the priests would offer the luxurious sponge cake as a gift to prospective converts and sick church members.

The confection proved to be so popular that Japanese traveling to Portugal to study propagated the recipe after returning to Japan. Several theories exist as to the name kasutera. Making castella was a demanding, labor-intensive process for early Japanese bakers. Track 1 : "Techno" Arm Track 5. MC and LP has diff. All tracks recorded live in Seattle on Feb.

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Baumkuchen, the ‘King of Cakes’

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