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This collection of articles discusses the relationship between West and East, North and South in Roman and Mediaeval times. Most of the articles offer analysis of archaeological finds and sites in Crimea studies in recent years. Petersburg, [21 pp. Features "Cossack tribesmen" and "the Red Ravens — Stalin's elite corps of women commandos". Etnograficheski ocherk , in E. LIV, No.

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Khajieva, Moscow: Nauka, [English translation by D. Brockhaus, [23 pp. Created by teachers and teacher trainers for teachers and travelers. Includes the real on culture, people, language, alphabet, communications, transportation, cities, places, weather, food, shopping, money, health, safety, sex, stuff, teaching and jobs. Pages of vital links, addresses and numbers to help you find what you want. Edition Wort? IV, [11 pp.

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Weltkrieg No. Drawing on a broad array of comparative evidence, including examples from Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, it delves on the cross-cultural points of contact that may have contributed to the spread of such zoomorphic hybrids from Turkey, the Caucasus and Iran to the Indian Subcontinent.

Straddling the boundaries between popular and textual traditions the gaping jaws of a great monster is a mythical paradigm of the bivalence of a deep-seated historic force: the yawning orifice of all-consuming death can as well symbolize the power of life or generative power' and so on and so forth. This sword is as iconic as the Japanese Katana or the English Saber.

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It is known for its ability to draw cut as well as maneuver with speed in fight on a mountain trail or in the village streets. This manual is filled with the origin methods translated in English and still in the original Russian used in the 19th the Century for teaching this amazing sword!. XXXV, No. Beck, [ pp. Friedrich, Brockhaus Verl. Evidence from all the sites are discussed in general in the final chapter. XX, No. XX, v. The organization, tactics and equipment of Gebirgs units.

Mountain artillery, uniforms and specialist equipment, the senior commanders of the Gebirgs formations of the German Army.

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Cadell and Edinburgh: W. VI, No. Malsagov, Moscow: Nauka, [English translation by D. Lezgian Beliefs. Lezginskoe poverie. At once somehow part of "Europe," at least aspirationally, and yet rarely recognized by others as such, Georgia attempted to forge European style publics as a strong claim to European identity. These attempts also produced a crisis of self-definition, as European Georgia sent newspaper correspondents into newly reconquered Oriental Georgia, only to discover that the people of these lands were strangers. In this encounter, the community of "strangers" of European Georgian publics proved unable to assimilate the people of the "strange land" of Oriental Georgia.

This crisis produced both notions of Georgian public life and European identity which this book explores. On the one hand, their practices were romantic, but could never lead to marriage. On the other hand, they were sexual, but didn't correspond to what North Americans, or most Georgians, would have called sex. These practices were well documented by early ethnographers before they disappeared completely by the midtwentieth century, and have become a Georgian obsession.

In this fascinating book, Manning recreates the story of how these private, secretive practices became a matter of national interest, concern, and fantasy. Looking at personal expressions of love and the circulation of these narratives at the broader public level of the modern nation, Love Stories offers an ethnography of language and desire that doubles as an introduction to key linguistic genres and to the interplay of language and culture.

LXIX, Nos. It also examines Russia's policy response to these challenges and its preparations for the Games, as well as the work that still needs to be done. XLI, no. Jahrtausends v. Wigand, [ pp.

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  • I, A-K], and [Vol. Reprinted in Amsterdam by Meridian Publishing Co. Events in Turkey; 2. Events in the Caucasus and Trans-Caspia; 3. General Remarks. Thompson , London: Penguin Books, [A survey of archaeological knowledge in the Soviet Union from Paleolithic to Medieval during the Communist era with a consequent Marxist interpretation of history applied to the subject, at a time when Western knowledge of Russian archaeology was almost unknown, with c.

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    Leroux, [Vol. II: Recherches sur les origines des peuples du Caucase , pp. Petersburg: Kais. Mounsey, F.

    V, Paris: Ernest Leroux, [ pp. Leclerc, Maisonneuve, [ pp. Fulda : Michael Imhof, [ pp. IV6, No. Jahrtausend v. Sie treffen auf traditionelle Nomadengesellschaften. Reimer, He claimed to have been the only Christian to have witnessed the Armenian massacres and deportations. Rees; T. Caldwell Jun. Davies; and J. IX, No. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography states that 'few foreigners were better acquainted with the languages and customs of the Caucasus mountain peoples, with whom he established such friendly relations that he was admitted into their remotest strongholds. According to the Levantine Herald , as quoted by The Athenaeum , he wrote a book on the Caucasus which was not approved by the Foreign Office. His widow promised to publish it, but it is not known whether it ever appeared.