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Pay 10 euros a day for unlimited beer and sangria at each site or use my promo code 'Lanz' and get it free ;.

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Be careless! Have fun, make mistakes and make memories.

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I have done karaoke with a bunch of Irish guys, done the worm on the ground in Berlin markets, started the crowd singing 'hey baby' many times on many nights out, turned the pouring rain into a slip and slide opportunity, been the only one dancing to the buskers on the side of the street, high fived people holding their hands to the leaning tower of Pisa.

Just have a laugh! Eat what you want without caring about your weight and if you can leave time for having no plans please do it.

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Go adventuring, get lost. Make your trip flexible and tag along with people through cities.

Album Review: Lana Del Rey’s ‘Lust for Life’

This is the stuff you remember most! Take photos and lots of them. Please leave time to take in your surroundings but a quick snap never hurt. Feeling homesick? Look through your photos and all the people you have met.


Bored with no WiFi? Scroll through em all.

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Telling a story? Show them a photo to go with it don't mistake this for being on your phone the whole time! So there you go my 5 top tips for making the most of your time across Europe! Now you have heard it from me, go live it for yourself!! Lana's Guide To Backpacking Europe!

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September 13, Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Opened eyes create wider minds. December 21, November 9, A students journey-Schoolies March 31, It goes without saying that Zanzibar boasts the most beautiful beaches in the world. Over there, nature is breathtaking with the coconut trees etching surreal paintings on the horizons, while the sunrise and sunset provide the most dazzling times to lo and behold.

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All of this makes Zanzibar the closest to paradise on Earth. That is precisely what lured me to spend New Year's Eve there, and it was absolutely fantastic. During my stay on this island however, I learned some surprising facts which I feel you should know before you decide to travel there.

police-risk-management.com/order/android/xukic-come-trovare.php When I asked my Voyageur Travel Lounge friend Rolland about a Christmas vacation destination to spend with my family, I was very surprised with his suggesting Belgrade. The city had never crossed my mind before, let alone begun to interest me. But it did thrill me; so, I have managed to sum up the ten reasons why you will definitely fall in love with the city the way I did, and choose to make it your next travel destination.

In the heart of a dense forest, behind a golf course and towards the extremity of a narrow sandy path, a passionate love story was born.