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Set opened on the table, the Magic Heart turns into an original wedding "Guest-book".

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It will then become a beautifull souvenir of this so special day! Are you a professional and want to become a reseller or benefit from preferential rates? Open an account PRO. Cart 0 0 No products Free shipping! Sign in. There was a lot of work to be done, but it is great seeing how things change shape and how progress can be seen each day. I am so happy of being able to take place in this amazing Carola's dream project. I am glad that during my three weeks stay … read more I enjoyed each day in finding secret spots of Cordoba and other places in Andalucia, Carola made sure that I don't to miss anything to see.

I hope to be able to come again when social and cultural center officially open doors. Considering the fact how many interesting and great people have contributed in this project, this center must be a special place. Such a nice experience to welcome Phil as a workaway. Perfect work our medieval walls will remember him forever , a very good team-mate with an excellent sense of humour, and best team-spirit. Surely recommendable! Welcome back any time, Phil! Left by Workawayer Phil for host. I was remembering my summer doing workaway and saw that i did not give feedback on my wonderful experience with the host.

There was a minor problem at first because of miscommunication but afterwards everything was grand. It was amazing to work on her walls and learn a new trade.

We had a very connected group and formed a bond. I loved her direct … read more personality. Her dog was also great and she gave helpful tips on life and where to visit. I appreciate the experience. Left by Workawayer Diane Aida for host.

Discover Córdoba´s magic, right in the heart of its historic center

I spent two weeks in Carola's guesthouse, it was a lovely experience where I got to meet many other interesting Workawayers from all over the world. Furthermore, Cordoba is simply exceptional … read more and magical, everyone is welcoming and I think anyone who has the opportunity to travel there should definitely not hesitate! Muchissimas gracias Carola! Left by Workawayer Andres for host.


My time at Carola's was a worthy and incredible experience. Speaking of the city, it is a worthy destination, though for an extended period of time especially in the summer can feel very … read more small. Another symptom of summer is the heat. Not only is it degrees everyday but that also renders most afternoons null of life. Probably not best for the faint of heart, and so too is the house one lives in as it is old and lacks many modern appliances. The work itself was fairly tiring as well.

Either way, I would suggest this opportunity! Thanks again Carola!

Magic Jewels - Vegan Heart - Moon Patches

Karin stayed with us for nearly a month, a nice experience, a reliable and responsible person, a good experience. My best wishes for your future, Karin! And so sorry, I only noticed today that my review for you had not been saved. Left by Workawayer karin for host. I stayed almost one month in Cordoba with Carola at her beautiful medieval guesthouse, situated in an absolutley gorgeous city. Normally the working hours are always 4 hours each day Monday to Saturday, but as Carola is flexible with the time schedule, you can work for some days longer or shorter, so you can also visit the cities nearby or other … read more places.

Carola also gives you a lot of tips, where and how to visit Cordoba. The work there isn't difficult or hard. In my case it was only cleaning the rooms, preparing them for the guests, a bit of painting stairs, walls, beams and during Carolas abscence due to personal reasons also watering the plants in her house and take her dog Tana for a walk. Charlotte, a pleasure to have you with us as part of our workaway team, a good team-mate doing a good job!! My best wishes to you for your future!! Sorry, only noticed now that my workaway review for you had not been saved.

Left by Workawayer Charlotte for host.

I had a great time in Cordoba! I stayed at Carola's for 10 days-ish. The city is truly amazing especially when it's sunny and 30 degrees outside!!! Spending time with the other workawayers was also awesome! Carole is a very interesting person who has lived amazing adventures and still has even more amazing projects! I personally think the job … read more was sometimes very satisfying like cleaning the rooms and sometimes a little dull I am definitely not the best at sanding furniture :p but overall time flew and we had plenty of time to visit Cordoba and other cities around.

Defs recommend this place if you're visiting the South!!! Julie-Anne, what a nice experience, a real pleasure to have you in our team. A good person, and reliable and responsible workaway.

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Surely recommendable to any host. I hope your dreams are coming true! And so sorry I only noticed now that I did not write you a review or did it wrong. Left by Workawayer Julie-Anne for host. I already miss my Carols, my Tans and my Cordoba. I only spend 10 days on Carola's house, but It feels like home. Carola has a big heart, she's true and natural. We had a great communication and I truly loved my work experience with her and other workawayers. I could visit the mezquita and other places in Cordoba because she is really flexible … read more and try to leaves you a lot of time to not miss anything in the city she likes so much.

If you are looking for a place to feel home, free, meet nice people and learn, Carola's house is a good good choice. I have a mom in Cordoba. She must have a lot of children this lovely Carola! It was a pleasure to welcome Monika to our medieval house, a very nice person, good team-mate, and doing a great job. So sorry, Monika, I only noticed now that I never left you a review or did it wrong.

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My best best wishes for your future! Left by Workawayer Monika for host.

After spending 6 weeks at the guest house I can say that Carola is a great host offering a one of a kind opportunity to experience a city with an inspiring history and unique atmosphere. The location is great, everything is close, lots of things to see and do.