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Eliminating all grains, dairy, processed foods, sugar, and more will most likely lead to weight loss, but it may be a tough plan to follow long term due to the dietary limitations and restrictions. There are several studies on certain aspects of the Paleo Diet. While they may not support all the claims made in the book, they have found that a diet rich in lean protein and plant-based foods can make you feel fuller, help control blood sugar levels , and help you lose weight.

The author claims there are clinical trials that show a paleo diet can lower the risk of heart disease , blood pressure , and inflammation , plus lose weight, reduce acne , and promote optimum health and athletic performance. But many experts are not so sure and more research is needed.

What the heck is the Paleo Diet anyway?

Eliminating salt and processed foods makes this low-sodium diet good for people with high blood pressure. The Promise Eat like a caveman and shed pounds. That's the theory behind the Paleo Diet. You can also eat: Eggs Nuts and seeds Healthier oils, including olive oil and coconut oil You can't eat any processed foods on this diet. Packaged foods or meals?

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Home Recipes Not sure what to cook? Inspire me. Aniseedy fennel and juicy cherry tomatoes cut through the richness of salmon fillets.

The Paleo Diet: A Whole Foods Approach to Better Health | Toledo Lucas County Public Library

A salmon salad that is superhealthy, packed with omega 3 and vitamin c and versatile enough for any course. Satisfy your hunger with this fresh and easy vegetarian supper, or brunch if you prefer. A rustic dish with a delicious combination of flavours and just four ingredients, try whipping it up for brunch. Quick, cheap and tasty, this chilli-spiked omelette can be made from storecupboard and everyday ingredients. Perfect on the barbecue, sardines add a taste of summer to any meal and are the perfect addition to an al fresco salad. This vibrant orange pumpkin blend is a healthy way to warm up - served with herbs and a drizzle of honey.

Up your vegetable intake with this fragrant pumpkin soup spiced with Asian flavours. A quick Moroccan inspired dish that is great for entertaining friends and family. This gutsy one-pot can mostly be prepared in advance - just crack in the eggs at the end.

Paleo Diet Recipes

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Message sent successfully The details of this article have been emailed on your behalf. By Lana Burgess. Table of contents What is a paleo diet? People who support the paleo diet claim that it can aid weight loss and reduce the risk of some health conditions.

What can you eat on a low-carb diet? Cutting carbs can be challenging, which is why we have compiled a list of nutritious low- and no-carb foods here.

Research into the impact of the paleo diet on blood pressure is ongoing. Related coverage. Additional information. This content requires JavaScript to be enabled.

Important Points For a 1-Day Paleo Meal Plan

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Serve lean fillet steak with a rich, Italian-style pepper, olive and caper sauce and wilted spinach.

How to follow a healthy paleo diet

Jazz up chicken breasts with an Italian tomato sauce with rosemary and garlic, baked like a casserole - it's a healthy choice, too A super-simple fruit salad for breakfast and beyond, sweetened with honey and packed with nutrients. You can't beat this low-fat, one-pot recipe for an easy meal, bursting with summer colour and flavour. This healthy smoothie gets its vibrant green colour from avocado, cucumber, spinach and kale. Blitz with pineapple and coconut water. Try trout instead of salmon - it's quick and easy to cook, and this recipe is full of sunshine flavours.

Make the most of the berry season with a glass of fruity goodness.

Paleo Diet Recipes

An easy, superhealthy stew full of vitamin C. Eggs are cracked into a rich tomato and pancetta sauce in this traditional Basque-inspired dish - perfect for brunch or a midweek meal. Five minutes on the hob, 15 minutes in the oven, this tasty fish dish is one-pot cooking at its best. Hit 3 of your 5-a-day with this alternative fry-up - it's packed with vegetables and oven-baked See more Paleo recipes.