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Participate in a citizen science project! Publish your observations , experiences or love for astronomy somewhere! You have finished all the steps! Now you really are an Awesome Amateur Astronomer!

Amateur Astronomers Association of New York

You can show off your awesomeness with this superbadge! Send us a photo of yourself with your badge at info unawe. Now that you're getting a hang of this: How about becoming a real astronomer? How to become an astronomer Frequently asked questions about a career in astronomy. Scroll down to get started! Observe The night sky awaits you! Research What is astronomy? And what are all the things you see in the night sky?

Find out by: going to the library. There you can find books and magazines about astronomy.

Best Amateur Astronomy Magazine?

Or you can check out the latest discoveries being made about the Universe in Space Scoop! Learn about alien planets, asteroids, stars, galaxies, spaceships, black holes and loads more Perhaps you find something cool off this list? In between your research you can watch an astronomy-related movie or find some science fiction books that take place in space! They know all about this stuff! Build Amateur astronomers love building their own equipment, ranging from the simple to the complicated. Share Want to share your newfound interest in astronomy? You can: join an astronomy club or association.

There you can discuss what you see when you are out observing the night sky or ask for guidance.

You can even go to a Messier Marathon! You can: start off with a pair of binoculars.

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  • You will see plenty of stars that you couldn't see before! Even without a telescope, you'll already be able to see some pretty interesting things, such as the planets of our Solar System, the Orion Nebula and the Andromeda Galaxy. Plus, binoculars are much easier to handle and bring with you than a telescope.

    Amateur Astronomers - KQED QUEST

    They might be open to the general public on some nights, allowing you to see some amazing stuff! Observe III After scanning your way across the sky with your binoculars, it might be time to bring out a telescope! You can: take your very own astrophoto! Use your regular camera to take photos of the night sky in general or something prominent like the Moon or a comet.

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    If you want to get really serious, you can get some extra equipment such as a CCD camera so that you can use your telescope to take some up-close pictures of your favourite planet or galaxy! Gather photos and drawings and badges! Resources Inspiration: The best amateur astronomy photographs of the past four years , Stunning Amateur Images Get this badge!

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    • Analyse Do you want to get your hands on some real science? Then you can: go online to participate in a citizen science project! In these projects you will be processing data or images collected by various professional telescopes. There are many subjects to choose from! Resources Citizen science projects: Zoouniverse : has many projects.