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Qty: Add to Cart. Quick Overview It is known by millions as the Sermon on the Mount but in a very real way, it is the Sermon on the Kingdom. Everyone who wants to be a disciple of Jesus must have a most eager heart when coming to this message. Double click on above image to view full picture.

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Details It is known by millions as the Sermon on the Mount but in a very real way, it is the Sermon on the Kingdom. Product Tags Add Your Tags:. Common words, such as "and", "is", "but", and "the", also known as noise words, are bypassed in a search. The following is a list of noise words:.

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The first reading reminds us of how a vital kingship was established in Israel. Saul was first anointed but quickly fell into error. He went to a fortune teller to discern his future, calling up through that teller the spirit of Samuel who had anointed him king. In the end, Saul fell on his own sword, despairing of the work of God for the nation. David was the replacement. David committed to Israel that he would serve the nation. His efforts, as he committed to the elders, would be for the good of the nation and its security and prosperity.

The kingship of David is viewed idealistically even though David made many, many mistakes. That should remind us of ourselves. We are called by God to build up the Kingdom of God. Yet often as we succeed, we become prideful, arrogant, and lose sight of our mission. Clarity of that mission comes to us in the ministry of Jesus. He went about teaching, healing, and freeing citizens from addictions and possessions by evil spirits. All his work was always about bringing to the community of God those who had become diseased, ostracized, rejected, and forgotten.

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Their absence diminishes the strength and beauty of the community. There are none who can be thrown away, ignored, denied dignity and worth whose absence is not harmful to the common good of the community. The kingship, the reign of Jesus when it is fully lived brings a unity, a solidarity, and a vitality to community. We are a global community that embraces every tribe, every language, every race, and every people.


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That is the reign of God we celebrate today. We should question ourselves this week-end: will the movements of our hearts embrace all peoples, all languages, all colors, and all traditions of living? Do we resent others? Do we look on others with fewer resources, less education, less power, less wealth as unworthy of our respect? As Christians we must ask ourselves if we truly believe that we are the Body of Christ? Are we welcoming to all who come to us? What have we done to heal, to free, and to invite others to share in the Body of the Christ? Do we preach by our example to others of the reign of God Jesus brings to us?

The living example of that Reign is Jesus on the Cross. He prayed at the last before his resurrection, "Father forgive them!


This is no pompous, arrogant ruler frightening his subjects with stern judgement. This is the King who is with us; he is one of us. The religious and secular rulers of his time find his message silly and meaningless.

Their goal is power, wealth, and fame. Those were the three temptations Jesus the evangelists summed up at the beginning of his ministry. Those temptations constantly attacked him as he brought the message that God loves each person and even each one of us. The conflict Jesus endured is ours as well.

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Religious and secular leaders are often victims of the way of the world, believing that power and control is the way to the Kingdom of God. They rely on wealth to demonstrate their correctness. They often display their power and wealth as evidence that God is with them. All the while they stand in the courtyard shouting, "Crucify him, crucify him! That which draws us together in healing, sharing, and respect are evidence of the Reign of God at work in our world. We must be careful to discern what is of the Kingdom and what is of the evil one.

Luke presents the King of the Universe as reigning from the wood of the cross. How contrary to the death on the cross is our celebration. Yet, it is in this contradiction that we have the lesson we desperately need in our time and place. We proclaim the gospel of the crucifixion of our Lord.

Our King is one of us. His kingdom is the kingdom of life not of death. By entering death and beating it to pieces won the battle with death. Jesus is The Christ, the Lord of Life. He conquered death by bringing together, by healing the divisions among us.